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Additional Resources

For Minors

Minors in New York State do not require parental permission to access most reproductive health services, including abortion and contraception. For more information, learn about the laws and your rights in New York State.

When a person seeks coverage for services on a plan in which they are not the primary policyholder, including a minor who uses their parentís insurance plan or Child Health Plus, itemized benefit statements sent to the family can sometimes reveal confidential information about the services covered. If you need your procedure to remain confidential and you are not the primary policyholder, contact the insurance company directly to ask about their policy of disclosure before choosing to use your insurance.

If you are in New York City, the Teens in NYC app from the New York City Department of Health has a directory of teen-friendly reproductive healthcare providers. You can search by the service you need, including abortion.

LGBTQ People

Finding friendly, inclusive healthcare can be difficult for some LGBTQ folks. To help you determine if an abortion provider is LGBTQ-friendly, we recommend that during your initial phone call you ask the clinic these two additional questions:

  • Have you had LGBTQ patients before?
  • Have you had any formal sensitivity training around working with LGBTQ patients?

Undocumented People

Many clinics require a photo ID for abortion care. If you do not have a photo ID, you can use our abortion provider list to find a provider that does not require it.

If you are unable to access Medicaid because of your immigration status, you may still be able to receive assistance in paying for an abortion. Contact the New York Abortion Access Fund for more information.

People Traveling Out of State

New York State Medicaid covers abortion care. However, if you are traveling from another state, you cannot use your state Medicaid insurance in New York. The New York Abortion Access Fund provides financial resources and other assistance for people traveling from other states to access abortion care in New York. For more information, call their hotline at 212.252.4757 or email them at

The Haven Coalition

If you are traveling from out of state and need a place to stay in New York City, the Haven Coalition (917.371.2035) may be able to help.

The Haven Coalition helps people who are traveling to New York City for abortions by providing meals, a place to sleep, and transportation to and from the clinic. Haven works with people who are receiving two-day abortion care at Parkmed Physicians (212.686.6066), Planned Parenthood NYC (212.965.7000), or Westside Womenís Medical Pavilion (212.333.5000).

When you call for your appointment or arrive at your clinic, tell them that you will need a place to sleep for the night between your appointments. The clinic will contact a Haven Coalition volunteer to pick you up from the clinic and take you to their home for the night. The volunteer will also escort you back to the clinic the next morning.

Options for an Unintended Pregnancy Outside of New York

If you are based outside of New York State and are looking for resources for unintended pregnancies, the websites below may be able to help you find abortion providers and offer state-specific information.

For information outside of the states listed above, the website for the National Abortion Federation has more information on finding an abortion provider.

Get Involved with The National Institute for Reproductive Health

Join the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) and become a member of a powerful on-line community that helps to protect and expand access to reproductive health and choice in the United States! As a member of NIRH, you will receive regular email action alerts, have the opportunity to take rapid online action and be the first to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. To learn more, please e-mail our Government and Political Manager Emily Kadar, at